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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay?

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay?

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay?

You highlight a particular situation in a cause and effect essay. Cause is defined and followed by effect of the cause in cause and effect essays. Literally speaking, cause and effect essay is all about discussing ‘the’ and ‘why’ of the situation. Students usually forget to arrange content logically while writing a cause and effect essay. The ideal way to write a cause and effect essay is to first discuss the cause of a problem, its origin, and then the effect of the cause which may be divided into positive and negative impact,

Generally, there are three ways in which cause and effect essay topic is written.

  1. Single cause resulting into multiple consequences
  2. Multiple causes resulting into a single effect
  3. Chain pattern

Here is how to write a cause and effect essay:

How to Write the Introduction?

An ideal introduction is comprised of a powerful thesis statement and background information about the topic. You will be telling the readers in brief about your cause and effect essay in the introduction.

How to Write the Body?

You will be discussing information that you provided in the introduction in detail in your body paragraphs. You may be dealing with multiple causes or effects, then you can discuss about those causes or effects in separate paragraphs.

For instance, smoking cigarettes (single cause) has the following effects: (a) results into lung cancer, (b) results in oral cancer, and (c) create breathing problem (multiple effects) and environmental pollution (single effect) has the following causes: (a) industries releasing pollution in the air, (b) sewerage water getting mixed in natural water, (c) wastage going into the sea (multiple causes)

Chain pattern is one pattern in which single cause leads to nonstop effects. For example, deforestation leads to disappearance of forests and decrease in the average rainfall.


How to Write the Conclusion?

Conclusion is the last and presumably the most important part of cause and effect essay. You should make sure that you are fully justifying the rules of writing a conclusion of a cause and effect essay. There are three major ingredients of conclusion for cause and effect essays. Here they are:

  1. Restating the Thesis statement
  2. Short Summary Comprising of the Major Points Discussed in an Essay
  3. Your Personal Viewpoints and Suggestions to Improve the Situation.


Everything will be in place if you follow the following rules for writing cause and effect essay that are mentioned above. Cause and effect essays are not difficult to write if you know how it is done. It is suggested that you first create an outline for an essay before you start writing the cause and effect essay. It will save your time from getting wasted. Lastly, you should logically arrange the points in your essay to make your essay look like a cause and effect essay; if you do not do it, then you may lose marks.

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