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5 Do”s & Don”ts of Narrative Essay

5 Do”s & Don”ts of Narrative Essay

5 Do”s & Don”ts of Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are very common and almost everyone in the high school is asked to write it, and so one must be aware of what it is and the manner it should be written in.

Narrative essay basically means a piece of writing which presents a narrative context of the topic, it is a part of creative writing style and so it conveys the ideas of the writer with regard to the chosen topic. The format is very easy and is convenient for the writer to write a narrative essay in no time if the writer has his flow of imagination to uncover everything the topic could desire of.

There are various things to be kept in mind when you think to write my essay for myself, here is a list of all do”s and don”ts you have to keep in mind while you write your next narrative essay.

  1. Do use your creative imagination

Creative imagination is the basic thing a writer has and when he is free to use it as per his wish that is the best thing any writer wants. Imaginary approach leads to better stories and that is the initial basic of writing creative content. You need to be imaginative and have to use it to the fullest to draw the picture of the topic you have chosen with colors that no one could think off and obviously here colors and sketching relates to the story making process.

Creative content needs your imagination for its better designing otherwise the content would seem boring so include all what you get through your imagination.

  1. Do not get stuck in extra details

Extra details are the worst turn- offs for a reader as they lose interest and they get off from the actual track of the story leaving them and your story disconnected and so try and maintain detail which are necessary to explain the story to an extent which the writer would feel interested to.

  1. Do not sound fable

These writings are basically nonfiction ones and so you should try on making them sound like one and not a cooked-up story which has no relation to reality. These things need to be checked by the writer during the writing if anything which is included in the writing is sounding fable because that would spoil the entire broth of the story which will not be good and will also be injustice to the reader and the efforts of the writer.

Try avoiding unrealistic things and that would help saving your story from being fable in nature.

  1. Do not become irrelevant to the topic

Try staying on the track which you have previously decided and which is the proper link to your story. If you try to go to things which are not of much importance you and your reader will lose track of the story and will end up nowhere so try maintain that pace as a writer to save the reader from that misery.

  1. Do use your expressiveness

A writer specially needs to be expressive otherwise it is no use for him to be a writer. Expressiveness comes from thought process and so try to keep that strong if you are a thinker and a regular writer you could be very expressive be free when you have emotions and feelings that you want to share with the reader to make him feel the same as you do you have to share it that ways by being expressive enough.

  1. Do not miss details and avoid jumps into scenes

Never miss details and never assume that the reader might know of this, and concerning this you should also never jump into scenes deleting some important ones.

  1. Do use narration

Narration is a good technique and an easy one which makes things easy to understand for your reader and you can maintain a connection with them with your narration. Narration seems to lay an important aspect into your writing and that is indirect explanation which is very much needed

  1. Do create a background image first

You should always create a background image before writing as this helps you a lot. Drafts are necessary for the final ones so that you get a brief of what you are imaging and the way you turn it into real. Background thought help you transform and realize the imagination into what you actually want of it.

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